If you have any enquiries or questions about our services, please contact our customer service staff at 90856620 or by emailing

  • “Sham Shui Po Easy Storage Mini Warehouse” at 5/F, Block D, 269 Cheong Fat Factory Building, 269 Un Chau Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, . Cheung Sha Wan Station C1 exit 1 minute walk, for details please call 90856620
  • Our customer service is from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. monday to Sunday. If you have any questions during non-business hours, we will respond as soon as possible.
  • If you need access to the warehouse, you can access it self-service to the storage lobby 24 hours a day.
  • “Cheung Sha Wan Easy Storage Mini Warehouse” requires a card to enter, is not open to the public, and there are multiple CCTV 24-hour recordings to ensure peace of mind
  • Guests should also lock the mini compartment
  • Cash/Bank Overs/HSBC PayMe/WeChat/Alipay
  • Normal is a month, want to rent a short time please whatsapp / call 90856620 inquiry
  • To terminate the storage program, 10 days’ notice is required and a withdrawal confirmation is signed with the Customer Service Director. And the deposit will be returned on the day of the rent refund.
  • We firmly reject any contraband such as dangerous goods, flammable items, illegal items and perishables. We reserve the right to reject any type of contraband in the process of collecting items.
  • Under section 6 of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance, it is provided that “no person shall manufacture, store, transport or use any dangerous goods except a licence granted in accordance with this Ordinance.” Therefore, we firmly reject any of the following contraband items, such as dangerous goods, inflammable articles, illegal articles and perishable shipping.
  • Category 1: Explosives and explosives
  • Category 2: Compressed gas
  • Category 3: Corrosive substances
  • Category 4: Toxic substances
  • Category 5: Substances that emit fire-prone vapors
  • Category 6: Interacting with water can become dangerous substances
  • Category 7: Strong fuel act
  • Category 8: Substances that may burn at any time
  • Category 9: Self-ignitable Substances
  • Category 9A: Possible burning items
  • Category 10: Other hazardous substances
  • Basically not, you won’t open your mini-silo unless you suspect that there are dangerous goods, illegal objects, odors, or authorizations in the mini-silo. We will let you know as much as possible before opening the cabinet.
    • The mini silo has 3 types of feet:
    • 10 sqft mini-barn:
      Feet: Approximately 3.9 ft(120cm) X 2.6ft (80cm) X Height 5.9ft (180cm)
    • 13-foot mini-silo:
      Feet: Approximately 3.9 ft (120cm) X 3.3 ft (100cm) X Height 5.9 (180cm)
    • 17-foot mini-barn:
      Feet: Approximately 3.9 ft (120cm) X 4.3 ft (130cm) X Height 5.9 ft (180cm)
    • Can be adapted to the needs of different guests, suitable for storing household chores, seasonal clothing, models, holiday decorations and so on. “Changsha Bay easy storage mini warehouse” will definitely be your peace of mind, affordable storage preferred!
    • For more storage space, please call 90856620 for whatsapp
      • 1. Anticipate the number and size of objects to be stored first
      • 2. Make an appointment to visit the “Changsha Bay Easy Storage Mini Warehouse” to inspect the building environment, understand the area and price of lockers, choose the mini-warehouse suitable for you.
      • 3. To go through the formalities with the staff regarding the rental of lockers.
      • 1. With a card
      • 2. Snap card
      • 3. Use a mini-storage
      • 4. Lock the mini-storage and leave